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Lawn Renovation

A lawn renovation is a comprehensive process aimed at rejuvenating and improving the overall health and appearance of a lawn that is in poor condition. It typically involves a series of steps to address various issues such as bare patches, thinning grass, soil compaction, moss & weed infestations, and other problems that may be affecting the lawn's health and vitality.


In many cases we will advise applying a top dressing at the same time, which not only smooths out small bumps and hollows, but also provides coverage for the new seed, improving germination rates, and protecting the seed from feeding birds.

LAWNWISE would generally suggest renovation of the whole lawn, rather than repair, when more than 25% of the lawn is suffering.

Renovation procedure:

  • Initial Lawn Treatment: Kills off any existing weeds and moss. This is generally carried out 2-3 weeks prior to the following treatments;

  • Scarification: Removes old grass, thatch & dead moss.

  • Aeration: Relieves compaction issues and aids surface drainage.

  • Overseeding: Introduces new, healthy seed to your lawn.

  • Top Dressing: An application of organic, fine grade lawn dressing to aid seed germination and improve soil structure.

Autumn lawn renovation
Spring lawn renovation
Lawn repaired after summer drought
This once patchy lawn was transformed into a lush oasis of greenery after renovation

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