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  • When is the best time to start my lawn treatments?
    There is no particular time of year to start. We can improve the health and appearance of your lawn at any time of the year by applying the relevant lawn care treatment applicable to the current weather conditions and requirements of your lawn.
  • Do I have to be at home when you visit for the treatments?
    No, as long as we can gain access to the lawns we can apply the treatments. A calling card will be left to let you know we have been, and advising on any aftercare or observations we’ve made.
  • Are the treatments safe for children and pets?
    Yes, the products we use are safe, and our technicians are fully trained and NPTC qualified in the safe use of herbicides and pesticides. Please see the following FAQ for how long to keep off the lawn after treatments.
  • How long should we keep off the lawn after treatments?
    If a liquid treatment is applied, our calling card will advise how long to keep off the treated areas. This is typically 2 hours, or until the product has dried. Grazing pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise, etc, should be kept off the grass until after it has been mown 3 times. After granular treatments (fertiliser) the lawn can typically be used immediately, but any pets such as chickens or ducks that may peck at the granules, should be kept off until the fertiliser granules have dissolved. This can take anywhere between a week to a month, depending on the treatment and time of year. We suggest arranging a “no-treatment” area on lawns that are frequently used by grazing animals/pets.
  • How long do I need to wait after treatment before mowing the lawn?
    We advise not to mow for three days after our treatments. This allows time for any fertiliser granules to work their way down to the soil level, and for targeted weeds to adequately absorb the weed treatment.
  • Is disposal of green waste included in your services?
    All green waste generated from our services will be neatly bagged-up in returnable bags for your disposal, or we will move it to a composting area if available on-site. Although we do not dispose of green waste ourselves, we can arrange for green waste to be collected from your property by a licensed waste contractor for green recycling.
  • Do you provide leaf clearance at part of the treatment service?
    We do not as standard provide a leaf clearance service, and advise that leaves are regularly cleared from lawns to avoid die-back and disease. Is there is too much leaf cover we will not be able to perform the planned treatment, in which case you will be contacted to reschedule the visit.
  • Can you help with a bumpy and uneven lawn?
    For small dips and hollows, we can help by applying a top dressing to smooth out the surface. A very uneven lawn may need considerably more work, sometimes several tonnes of topsoil/top dressing, or even starting from scratch by rotovating and regrading the area before reseeding or turfing. We do not provide those soft landscaping services but are happy to advise you on the available options
  • Can you give specific appointment times?
    I always try to provide a two-hour window for each visit, however external factors such as traffic and weather can sometimes affect our schedule. If there are particular days of the week that work better for you, please let us know and we will always try to book you in on these days.
  • How do I pay for your services?
    Lawnwise offers three payment options: Pay-as-you-go, where an invoice will be left after each visit. Direct Debit, allows you to spread your payments throughout the year, and comes with a discount. Pre-Payment. If you prefer to pay up-front, this option also comes with a discount.
  • Do I need to sign up to a contract?
    No, we provide our services without a long-term commitment, allowing you the flexibility to cancel at any time.

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