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Drive Moss and Weed Control

Moss, weeds or algae on your drive or patio can be unsightly, cause surface damage and be slippery under foot.

Using specialist products that aren’t available to the domestic user, our drive care treatment will control moss, weeds and algae on all hard surfaces and prevent new growth appearing for up to 6 months. To provide year round control, we recommend a programme of two drive care treatments per year.

As well as being used on block paved drives, our drive care treatment is also highly effective on tarmac, gravel surfaces,

patios, timber decking, fence panels, tennis courts and artificial turf.

Benefits of professional drive moss & weed control:

  • More effective than domestic off-the-shelf products

  • Cleans and protects hard surfaces for up to 6 months

  • Removes the need to pressure wash or scrub surfaces

  • Less treatments, only two per year, makes it more cost effective than DIY treatment

  • Gives longer lasting results than removing weeds by hand

  • Once dry this treatment is completely safe for children and pets


Contact LAWNWISE to book your FREE analysis:

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